What is provided?

What is provided:

The camp registration fee includes all program, camp badge/crests, campaign ribbon (one per section for your flag) and food is catered.

The 2017 Registration price is set at $65 CDN ($50US).

In hopes of keeping participant registration fees down, and in recognition that the weekend food contributes over half of the costs to this event, this year we have introduced a food-sharing cost for Offers of Service (OOS).  For the 2017 Campaign, the Brigade will be charging $20 CDN ($15 USD) for all Brigade HQ, Regiment HQ, Site, Security and First Aid Offer of Service personnel.  We believe this small fee is comparable to, or even less than, other large Scouting events, and will be accepted by our long-standing and supportive service staff.

What you need to bring:

Once you register, a few weeks before camp you will be sent a detailed list on what to expect and what your group needs to bring.

The camp is catered.  You are required to provide water jugs, drinks and optional snacks for your group. If you wish hot beverages, you need to bring all the equipment and materials required to do so at your site. No Peanuts please.

Besides all the personal gear and tents that you bring, each site should bring a large shelter (garage tent) sufficient for your group to sit under, tables to eat at and enough chairs to sit on.