Uniforms and Insignia

To order your regalia or mock tunics see the Regalia order pages under the "Registration" tab


The items below are for decorating your Crossbelts and Shakos. They are different by Regiment.

Cost Crossbelt patches $2 CDN ($1.50 USD)

Shako Plate patches $5 CDN ($3.75 USD)



Shako Plate

King’s 8th Regiment

49th Regiment

Royal NFLD Regiment

US 6th Regiment

SBFG Artillery

Canadian Fenibles (Cubs)


Mock Uniforms

The Mock t-shirts are an additional uniform option for youth. They can be used as activity shirts, or for groups that want an option other than Militia and Uniforms.

Cost per t-shirt: $15 CDN ($12 USD)

Sizes are in Adult: S, M , L , XL,XXL
(so youth can wear clothes under, it is recommended to order larger)