Regimental Downloads

Below is a list of resources available for download for our Regimental Officers and Staff.

The PDFs below are provided for your use. You are held to your honour to use it in the honour and tradition of Scouting and the spirit of the event for which you are participating.

more downloads to follow


Promotion Commission Certificates:

For members of your Regiment you would like to recognize their role in this year’s event.

Download the PDF fill in the Recipient’s name, select the appropriate Rank and Company number.

Then Print on parchment-like paper. Seals can be acquired from your Regimental HQ on the weekend of the event.

Lower Officers can be appointed by the Captains of their Company

Captains can be appointed by the Colonel of the Regiment.
Majors and above must be approved by Brigade Headquarters staff.
Can be appointed by the Captains of their Company

Download PDF from list:


Parchment-like paper can be acquired from Staples or office supply store.

Example:   Magna Carta Parchment Paper, 24 lb., 8-1/2″ x 11″, Natural