Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Fencible Infantry

Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Fencible Infantry

A Brief Regimental history can be found here: RNR Regimental History


rnr parade 1 rnr parade 2

RNR Regiment on parade campaign 2014




Regimental Headquarters Staff

As of  Campaign 2015


Colonel Peter Barber – brigade liaison pwbarber(at)

Lieutenant-Colonel Gurth Pretty – programme gurth.pretty.4pc(at)

Major Bill Richardson – administration

Major Ken Coulter – on-site registration

Captain Scott Barber – host

Captain Kevin Birdsall – commissary

Captain Sandy MacNaughton – host

Captain Christopher Warren – host and colour party

Lieutenant David LaRue – host

Regimental Sergeant-Majo r Ryan George


Regimental lore

  • Our mascot is our bronzed codfish, made by Scouter Sandy MacNaughton (Captain)
  • Our cheer is COD! COD! COD!
  • Our motto is IN COD WE TRUST!

rnr colours