US 6th Program

The 6th Regiment of United States Infantry

Here are a few program and uniform details that make the US 6th Program Unique:us kid 1

The Friday Evening American Program

You can also download the information here: US 6th friday night program

The American Friday Evening Program is different than the Canadian program the other Regiments participate in.

  • Camp opens at 5pm Friday evening where you will spend time setting up your tents. Your troop Scouter/Scoutmaster must register with the Sub Camp HQ Staff where you will pickup your boxes of registration items.
  • As soon as your troop is set-up, bring your troop to the United States 6th Regiment of Infantry Headquarters. They will be inspected by the Adjutant to may sure they are good material to become a soldier of the US 6th. They will sign a certificate (suitable for framing) of enlistment for the weekend. Leaders will be able to ask questions and relax in the Headquarters tent during this time.
  • As soon as all troops are in camp and sign in with the both Brigade Adjutant and the Regimental Adjutant, the Regiment will assemble for comments by the Regimental Commander and the lowering of the colors to the tune of Chester the National “Air” (Anthem) of the period.

Saturday Evening American Program

A tradition as camp, is the Roman Catholic Service Saturday evening, hosted by the US 6th Headquarters. This service is open to all, youth and adults, at camp.

Each year the Saturday evening program for the Youth changes slightly to make it interesting and a social element of camp.  Youth have the opportunity to socialize with their Canadian neighbours on the field in a variety of stations, such as: Badge Trading, ‘campfire’ social (no actual fire), Lanyard making and other things depending on the year.

Downloads for the US 6th Program materials and American patterns:

US 6th Infanty Drill_Manual

The 6th Infantry uniforms info and pics

Full Manual, uniform, canteen, haversack (13 pages)

enlisted men uniform instructions

officers uniform instructions

neck stock instructions

Shako instructions

Haversack instructions

Canteen instructions

Scabbard instructions

us 6th cartridge box

If you need a pattern for the Coate (American Blue coat with tails) or if you would like information on ordering them as kits or completed Coate’s please contact our :

Regimental Commanding Officer  or Regimental Adjutant.    artillery in battle