Venturer Artillery and other Programs

Venturer Program  artillery 3

This sub camp has been created for a limited number of older Youth, 14+, that are enthusiastic about the event.
Whether you LOVE our camp and want to keep participating in new Ranks and Roles, or your Venturer Company has never attended, there are plenty of options for a Fun Weekend!
You have a great deal of choice at our event.
The intent is to provide older youth with additional experiences to enhance their overall “War of 1812” experience.
Our Artillery Regiment: By centralizing the artillery from all regiments into one unit, which can then be deployed as necessary, the Venturers/Scouts will get necessary artillery training and the Brigade will achieve consistency throughout the artillery operation. The Artillery Regiment is combined Canadian and Boy Scouts.
Since the Venture Motto is “Challenge”, try a STEM Project to make a BANG and Build a Canon! As artillery, you can help run a canon on the field in battles. Or as a Company, build your own historic scale canon to bring to camp. More details in Venturer Downloads
Take Charge: Many of you could pass on your Infantry knowledge by leading sessions with our Cub Programme or helping your Regiment’s training Company as an NCO or Officer.

Offer of Service: Some of you could earn your volunteer hours in any number of Offer of Service roles. We need energetic people to help our Site Department setup before the event  starts. Help maintain the grounds during the event. Take down always goes faster with many hands.

Our Security and First-Aid departments are always looking for recruits to join their teams. These teams are essential to the safe execution of the event. Medical Ventures and Police Rovers are very valuable and much appreciated teams in our camp.


For those working on their Queen Venturer Award or the Duke of Edinburgh Awards we offer some limited spots with our Site department that meets the residential requirements of those awards. This involves Offer of Service at both the September and Winter events.

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Send us an email to find our more information about any of these roles! If you have older Scouts, Venturers or Rovers who are interested in this experience, please contact the Brigade Artillery Officer.

Your motto is “Service”.
We would not have the strong camp we have without the guidance of our Rovers! We gladly welcome your energy and enthusiasm in any of the roles mentioned above.