As we are having difficulty getting a new Musket firing mechanism maker, this year we will have a Musket sharing program at camp.

There are 60+ muskets at camp that are being used for the Junior Brigade, they use them during the mid afternoon on Saturday.

So we are prepared that the Infantry can use them for the Parade, and whenever battles are, late Saturday afternoon or on Sunday.”

If there is any interest in using this share program, or are willing to give your muskets to the Brigade, please contact Godwin at

By Order of the King


Welcome Past and Present Participants of Fort George


We look forward to seeing you all at this years’ campaign September 16-18th. Returning Troops and Packs will see some changes, and new attendees are guaranteed to enjoy our new program. If you have not registered yet for the camp, please ensure that you complete the registration as soon as possible.

A member of the Subcamp team will be contacting Returning contact Leaders in the next few weeks to confirm if your troop/pack will be attending and how many participants will be registered.

Thank you for your time and God Bless the King and President.

Dave Frederick

Camp Chief



Register Now:

Regimental T-shirts for Scouts and Venturers!

Need more tunics, don’t have tunics? Or want a Fort George activity shirt to wear at camp and take home for other camps?

This year, The Brigade is selling long sleeve t-shirts that are screened to resemble the tunics of the Infantry and Artillery  (Scout and Venturer) Regiments at camp.

These will allow groups that are new or returning groups “dress” as period infantry soldiers alongside everyone else even if they don’t have a uniform tunic.

Cost per t-shirt: $20 CDN ($15 USD)

Sizes are in Adult: S, M , L , XL,XXL

(so youth can wear clothes under, it is recommended to order larger)

Go here to order yours today!

regiment shirts

The Scout and Venturer Program team is busy updating and revitalising the program. The preliminary signs are for Less Marching, More Cap-gun fighting time, Less Marching, More time in town and some new activities. We won’t be changing the activities you’ve always loved. Oh, and did we mention Less Marching?

The Cub Junior Brigade team is busy playing a full busy weekend for the youth. Most of the elements remain similar to the past, with active theme-based program, time in the town, and not much marching (we have little legs after all).


We are busy working with the catering company to provide the best available and cost-effective meals all weekend.

The Registration site is being revitalized and should be up by June 15th.


The 2016 Registration price is set at $65 CDN ($50US).


In hopes of keeping participant registration fees down, and in recognition that the weekend food contributes over half of the costs to this event, this year we have introduced a food-sharing cost for Offers of Service (OOS).  For the 2016 Campaign, the Brigade will be charging $20 CDN ($15 USD) for all Brigade HQ, Regiment HQ, Site, Security and First Aid Offer of Service personnel.  We believe this small fee is comparable to, or even less than, other large Scouting events, and will be accepted by our long-standing and supportive service staff.


We will keep you informed as more updates are available! If you would like us to send these updates to another member of your group, please send us their contact details and we will add them to our distribution list.

See you in September!

The Communications Team

Scout Brigade of Fort George Team

For 2016, the Head Quarters team is busy reviewing the program and making some updates. We have taken some of the great traditions of our past events and added quite a few new twists which we think the youth will enjoy. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get our updates!