Enlist in the Scout Infantry Foot Soldier Regiments! 

The Scout program at the Scout Brigade of Fort George is a unique one. Scouts camp and do activities in Regimental sub-camps. 

We have 4 Regiments that were historically in battles at Fort George and the Niagara Frontier in the war of 1812: 

– the Royal Newfoundland Regiment (RNR)
– the King’s 8th Regiment 
– the 49th Regiment of Foot 
– the US 6th Infantry Regiment


Also present during the various campaigns in the peninsula were the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles, and Navy Marines (represented by companies attached to the RNR).


Each regiment has a distinct uniform, regimental Colours (flag) and history surrounding the Fort. Some regiments have traditions that they recreate for the youth at camp to extend their camp experience. 

Although we camp and play in our large Regiment, each regiment is divided into smaller companies. Each company has a number of different scout groups they do program, eat and socialize with. New groups will often be assigned to a training company, with extra instructors so it’s easier for the group to integrate into the Regiment. The returning groups will guide new ones through the weekend.