Due to COVID-19, the Fall 2021 Campaign will again be a VIRTUAL CAMPAIGN as it will not be possible for us all to get together.
But it will still be a FUN campaign with all the great things you've come to expect from the Scout Brigade of Fort George.
Registration is now open... and FREE!
Click here for details... including how to sign up for our Intro Seminar... Why You Should Enlist even if you haven't registered for camp.

Join the excitement, the challenge, the chaos, and the experience of bringing the War of 1812 to life.


This camp sees participants from both sides of the border learn first hand about life as a soldier in the Niagara peninsular campaigns, and play the greatest cap gun/capture-the-flag-game in the world!

On the grass...

Join us every September for the Fall Campaign and camp on THE COMMONS, right next to Fort George

Cub Scouts can join the Canadian Fencible Infantry, while Scouts join one of the main Regiments (Canadian Scouts join the 49th Regiment of Foot, King's 8th Regiment, or Royal Newfoundland Regiment and American Scouts join the US 6th Infantry).

Venturer Scouts can join the Artillery Regiment or come as staff, and Rover Scouts and Scouters can join as Offer of Service on site safety, site services or with a Regiment.

Or in the snow...

Join us every winter for the Winter Campaign and bunk right inside the Fort!
You'll stay in the blockhouse and eat your meals in historic Navy Hall down by the river.

38th Fall Campaign:
September 17-19 2021

2022 Winter Campaign:

39th Fall Campaign:
September 16-18 2022

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

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We Want You !

For information on how to register, click here.


Download the 2019 SBFG Fall Campaign Participant Guide from this link.