Registration Cost:  


General participant –  The 2019 Registration Price is set at $65 CAD for Scouts Canada or Girl Guides of Canada participants and $55.00 USD for BSA participants.  
Offers Of Service –  The 2019 Registration Price for all brigade HQ, Regiment HQ, Site, Site Safety and First Aid, and Offer Of Service Personnel is set at $25 CAD for Scouts Canada OOS, and $25 USD for all BSA OOS.
Ghost Tours of Fort George is an optional program and costs $8 CAD per participant.

General participant –  The 2020 Registration Price for the Winter Campaign is set at $55 CAD for all Canadian participants or $43 USD for all American participants.  


Registration includes: program, camp badge/crests, and food is catered.


How to Register

Visit the registration website at which you can link to from numerous spots within this website.

Once you arrive at the registration website you will create an account using your email address.

Note:  as the registration website is new as of 2018 you will need to create a new account on the site even if you had registered in 2017 or earlier.

After your account has been created you will set whether you are paying in CAD or USD.

Next you can choose which programs you are registering for.

Once your registration is completed you can pay by either PayPal (Fall Campaign only) or cheque.

Log back in to the registration site at to receive instructions on how to pay and where to send your payment.