Scouts BSA

We are thrilled each year to share the camp with the US Scouts. Typically the Scouts BSA and Venturing BSA youth are in the US 6th Infantry Regiment. As well, U.S. Scouts can participate in the combined Canadian and U.S. Artillery Regiment.

The Cub Scouts have their own Regiment in the Junior Brigade called the West Point Academy.

The US 6th is one of four Infantry Regiments that participate in the Scout Brigade of Fort George.

The other three Regiments are the 8th (Kings) Regiment, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment and the 49th Regiment of Foot, all of which are Canadian Scouts.

The 6th Regiment of the United States Infantry is, of course, comprised of U.S. Scouts. Each year the U.S. Scouts are invited to participate in this truly remarkable Scout’s Canada Scout Program sponsored by the Greater Toronto Council.

This Website is dedicated to helping U.S. Scouts and their leaders get involved.

For a more complete description of the scout program that members of the 6th Regiment will participate please look at the Scout Program information.

The Scout Brigade of Fort George was featured in the August 2014 Issue of Scout Life Magazine.

You can read the article –HERE– or view their video –HERE–.

Scoutmaster Tips:

When planning to come to camp, check with your Council and immigration what documentation you need to attend.

Some information on the updated procedures for Scouts BSA Units to travel to Canadian Scout camps can be found in this document:

Documents and procedures for BSA units traveling to and from Canada by land

Here are some items that the Regiment recommends you bring with you for your Scouts:

* Your Tour Permit from your Council

* Medical record

For entering Canada you will also need the following:

* Permission slips, signed by your Scouts parent/guardian

* Copies of the Scouts Birth Certificate or proof of U.S. Citizenship. * for more information on documentation and border crossing, go to The Canadian Border Services Agency: