For the Fall Campaign: see below for the equipment to bring in addition to your usual personal gear
For the Winter Campaign: you do not need to bring the items listed below (snacks, hot beverages, water jugs, tents, shelters, lanterns, etc.) as you will be staying indoors. Bring personal gear appropriate for a winter camp such as sleeping pads/bags, day packs, flashlights and water bottles, as well as Fort George muskets, shakos, and uniforms if you have them.

Once you register, a few weeks before camp you will be sent a detailed list on what to expect and what your group needs to bring. The following is not a comprehensive list, but is intended to give new participants an idea on what they will need to bring to start planning and budgeting for the camp. 


This camp is a catered camp. As such Mug Up will be provided Friday night. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and dinner will be provided on Saturday. Breakfast and morning snack will be provided on Sunday. [Camp officially ends at 11 am.]  

For those with dietary restrictions, please contact Brigade Commissary.

Bringing your own extra snacks, such as nut-free granola bars, is optional but recommended.  

If you wish hot beverages, you need to bring all the equipment and materials required to do so at your site.  


Bring your own jugs! Potable water will be available onsite. However, it usually is not available until the programming begins on Saturday morning. It is highly recommended that you come with enough water for Friday night and Saturday morning.  

Bring your own personal water bottles (preferably reusable ones). The active nature of this camp, and the hot weather that can come with it means that water consumption is crucial for every participant’s well-being. 


The camp uses “jamboree style” organization, in that you will be given a staked out amount of space for your tents and there will be aisles between them. 2 to 4 man tents are recommended. Each group is responsible for bringing enough tents for themselves and their youth, following rules set out in our organizations’ policies and procedures.

Each site should bring a large shelter (garage tent) sufficient for your group to sit under, tables to eat at, and enough chairs to sit on. You may want to communicate with other groups in your regiment about who is bringing what.

Lanterns for the evenings are recommended, as there are no street lights in camp.  Garbage and recycling bags, and some method of holding them, are also needed.


Spending Money

Participants will have an opportunity to “pillage” Niagara-on-the-lake. Parents ought to send with their participant some money for a cold drink, snack, and/or ice cream. 

For Those Travelling to Canada 

 Scoutmaster Tips: 

When planning to come to camp, check with your Council and immigration what documentation you need to attend. 


Here are some items that the Regiment recommends you bring with you for your Scouts: 

  • Your Tour Permit from your Council 
  • Medical record 
  • Travel Insurance

For entering Canada you will also need the following: 

  • Permission slips, signed by your Scouts parent/guardian