The following is only a brief outline of the programme for the weekend, a much more detailed outline will be available to you following registration. 

Over the weekend, the Scouts do marching and musket drills, learn some of the history of the grounds we are camping on and much more at Fort George. 


Friday evening:  arrival, set up camp, leader and youth meetings, visit friends at camp. There may be some program on Friday as well depending on schedules. 

Saturday:  Morning is spent at the fort, with time to explore the fort and learn the musket drills, and “skirmish”.

After a “brown bag” lunch delivered to the fort, there is an “opening” ceremony and then Brigade parades into the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, and a short free time to ‘pillage’ in town.

And of course participate in the world’s largest “cap gun / capture the flag” battles!!

After dinner more Fun evening events with everyone at camp. Saturday evening typically has a full line up for Scouts and Venturers, such as our annual fudge parade (candy tuck shop), RC Church Service, Ghost Tours (optional extra cost programme), Badge/Patch trading, board games, a “lantern campfire, a movie… and a Dance!!

For the adults there is an Officers Social Gathering. A Scout Shop is also set up on site all day Saturday. The on-site Lincoln & Welland Regimental Museum is also open during the weekend. 

Sunday: morning activities and closing ceremonies with the whole camp.